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SEMCA Cleaning Equipment does perform repairs on many different kinds of machines. We specialize in our own carpet cleaning machines, primarily the K352 and K353. We also perform repairs on other machines that we sell, this includes all of the high-pressure washers and also floor scrubbing machines.

We often also repair machines from other brands with similar technology of that of our own machines. We have parts for all our machines, if any machine at any point breaks down then it may be brought in for repair upon which we will evaluate the damage, determine if it's capable of fixing, determine the economic tradeoff (perhaps worth it to buy a new machine), and upon confirmation from the client we will proceed with the repair.

Repairs are conducted in a manner where the client who books the machine should be able to be contacted via e-mail. The system that regulates the repairs within SEMCA Cleaning Equipment operates in a manner where it automatically reminds the client of the machine status. From the booking date the client has 28 days to collect the repair items. They will be reminded after 14 days, 21 days and 28 days. On the absolute last, the items should have been collected on the 29th day after booking. If this is not done, then an e-mail will be sent informing the client of the disposal of the repair items and that they void ownership of these items to SEMCA Cleaning Equipment to cover the repair costs that have been foregone.