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Price excl. VAT:R 15 217.39
Price incl. VAT:R 17 500.00
The K352 is an unmatched machine in the carpet cleaning industry.

The machine itself has 2 vacuummotors that may be switched on individually depending on the requirement for suction power.

Furthermore the machine also has a water pump that is used for pumping water from the machine to the tools that will be used by the operator.

The machine comes with accessories as well. Among this is:
  • 1 × Floortool
  • 1 × Handtool
  • 2 × Lids

Specifications for the K352:


  • Clean Water Tank: 35L
  • Dirty Water Tank: 42L

Vacuum Motors

  • Quantity: 2 Motors
  • Stages: 2 Stage
  • Max Power: 2500 W
  • Air Flow: 60 l/s
  • Vacuum: 35 kPa

Water Pump

  • Power: 180 W
  • Pressure: 60 PSI
  • Delivery Rate: 2.6 l/min

Suction Hose

  • The 5m black suction hose has a diameter of 38mm with two cuffs, one attached to either end.
  • The 5m blue pipe has the H8C and a QR(P) attached the either end of the pipe.
  • The fittings are held together by two small clamps.
  • The black hose and blue pipe are connected by cable ties.


  • The lids are made op perspex with the length of about 20cm, width of about 15.4cm and heigth of 0.8cm.
  • A cap is attached in the middle of the perspex.
  • Rubber is glued underneath the perspex to seal completely. The height of the lid with the rubber is about 1.5cm.
It is recommended to use the SEMCA Low Foam Powder with the machine as it is a tried and tested product for cleaning and also does not create a lot of foam, which is desirable for carpet cleaning.

SEMCA Cleaning Equipment stocks parts and spares for this product and have the facilities to repair.

This product comes with a 6 month warranty, limited to the repair of the product and not the replacement thereof. Usage of the machine will also be taken into account.

Important Notice

Please read the following carefully. SEMCA takes no responsibility to any damage due to machine not operated according to this manual.
SEMCA takes no responsibility to any damage due to modifications, disassemble or due to other uses not prescribed in this manual.
This manual provides important instructions on product operation.
SEMCA reserves the right to update and revise it.
If there are some deference, the actual product shall prevail.

  1. DO NOT put the suction inlet towards ears, eyes, mouth, nose, reproductive organs, or other vulnerable body parts due to machine high suction capacity.
  2. DO NOT direct suction inlet towards a baby or animal in the process of operation the machine.
  3. The machine has no function of anti-explosion. Keep it away from gasoline, gunpowder, alcohol and inflammable, explosion-prone

Carpet Cleaning Instructions

Preparations before cleaning the carpets

  1. Remove or move all furniture from areas to be cleaned.
  2. Remove all small items such as matches etc. from the carpets.
  3. Vacuum carpets thoroughly, if necessary to remove dust etc.

Preparations of the SEMCA Carpet Machine

  1. Connect the suction hose to the machine, as well as the floortool by pushing the plastic couplings over the water inlet and the floortool.
  2. Attach the waterpipe to the machine and the floortool by means of the metal couplings.
  3. Make sure that the ring is firmly in place or else no water will come through.
  4. Make sure that the lids on the tank for dirty water are placed in the correct position.
  5. Plug the electrical cord in wall plug.

Preparations of Chemicals

  1. Mix 5-10g low foam powder in a litre warm water in a clean bucket.
  2. The temperature of the water must be between 40 and 50°C. When water is too hot for your hand, it is too hot for the machine and could damage the carpets.
    NB Use cold water for wool carpets.
  3. Mix the clean water and chemicals well before filling the clean water tank.
  4. Always test for colour fastness by cleaning a small piece of the carpet first.

Cleaning Method

  1. Switch on the switches (vacuum motors and the pump)
  2. Test the electronic control unit.
  3. Check if the light is on
  4. Splash a few drops of water on the two electrodes to see if the light switches off.
  5. Dry electrodes before continuing the cleaning process.
  6. Hold the floortool about mm above the carpet and use the trigger to spray the chemicals on the carpets.
  7. Move the floortool slowly forwards and backwards over the carpets for approximately 1M.
  8. Repeat the process by spraying 3-4 lanes.
  9. Meanwhile the chemicals will already loosen some of the dirt that can be sucked up by pushing the floortool forwards and backwards.
  10. If the carpet is still dirty repeat step 6 to 9.
  11. Clean the rest of the carpet on the same method.
  12. It is very important not to spray too much water at a time.


  1. Continuously check the level of the water in the dirty water tank.
  2. Switch off the vacuum motors when the tank is nearly full.
  3. Open the drainvalve and empty all the dirt from the tank.
  4. Fill-up the clean water tank, if necessary and continue the cleaning process.
  5. In case the water level in the dirty water tank rises too high, the vacuum motors will switch off automatically. That is a safety device to protect the vacuum motors.

Cleaning Completed

  1. Switch off the machine.
  2. Drain the dirty water tank.
  3. Switch on the vacuum motors and only use the black suction hose to suck up the water left in the clean water tank.
  4. Fill the fresh water tank with about 5L clean water (without chemicals). Spray out all the water. That is to prevent that the chemicals do not harm the pump.
  5. Repeat the first and second step again.
  6. Remove all the hoses.
  7. Rinse the dirty tank.
  8. Clean the machine with a cloth.


  1. Connect the handtool in stead of the floortool.
  2. Use the same chemicals and method as for carpets.
  3. Always test for colour fastness.

Directions for use

  1. The water mixed with chemicals must then be poured into the machine's clean water tank that is located at the rear-end of the machine, it is identified by the large rectangular opening with a filter at the bottom.
  2. After the water has been poured the operator may choose to use the Floor- or Handtool. The suction hose may be connected down the bottom of the front-end of the machine, and the other end may be connected to the brass-fitting on the tool to be used.
  3. The suction hose may be connected down the bottom of the front-end of the machine, and the other end may be connected to the brass-fitting on the tool to be used.
  4. The suction hose cuff should be pushed over the grey opening at the top of the front of the machine, and the other end should be pushed over the back-opening of the tool to be used.
  5. When fit for use, the machine must be plugged into a power outlet, note that an extension is not desirable as the machine draws a lot of power and may cause the DB-box to latch off due to over current.
  6. When the machine receives power, at the bottom at the bottom of the front of the machine a small orange light will shine to indicate power. Above the orange light is three switches. The first two control each of the vacuum-motors individually, the last switch controls the water pump.
  7. To use in full-force, switch all three switches on. The machine will roar from the two vacuum-motors and the pump will give a few short pumps until the blue water pipe is filled and a pressure switch deactivates the pump.