SEMCA Cleaning Equipment
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SEMCA Cleaning Equipment does not accept returned goods. If goods are returned, SEMCA may, in good faith, decide to accept these goods or not.

SEMCA Cleaning Equipment reserves the right to charge 20% in handling fee on returned goods.

This handling fee will be decided solely at SEMCA's discretion and is not negotiable.

Returned goods must be in a pristine condition, unused and still in it's original packaging if the item(s) were initially packaged.


If a warranty is valid, SEMCA will not replace the item(s) with brand new item(s) but rather take the defective item(s) and perform repairs on them.

SEMCA is not liable for any courier, delivery or any other costs foregone to have transported the goods to the client.

In the event that a warranty is valid and SEMCA chooses to accept a returned item to repair, SEMCA will not be responsible for any expenses necessary to transport the item(s) back to SEMCA. After the warranty has been concluded, that is, repaired or replaced, SEMCA will still not be responsible for any transport expenses for the item(s) back to the client.

SEMCA may, at its own discretion, decide to waiver the repair of an item and replace it instead. This should not be taken as a given that any item will be replaced in any condition.

New warranty conditions do not begin when an item is repaired or replaced. If an item's warranty is valid after fault and is repaired or replaced with a new item, at SEMCA's discretion, then the period of warranty does not change. Thus if an item is repaired or replaced, the repaired or replaced item itself does not have an equivalent warranty but rather serves to continue the original warranty until it terminates at the end of the initial timespan.