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Products / Trolleys / Complete trolleys / 120889B
Price excl. VAT:R 313.04
Price incl. VAT:R 360.00
A 20L blue hard plastic bucket with a plastic wringer. The 4 wheels makes the trolley easy to move in all directions. This trolley is ideal for industrial use.

The trolley is suitable for all applications, but due to its small size it caters better to smaller applications such as in homes or apartments, but also provides a small sleek appearance that may be used in office buildings where a large trolley would perhaps seem crammed in space.

How to assemble:

To assemble the wheels: Turn the bucket upside down. Use lubrication on the white plastic for easy insertion, then insert the white/ transparent plastic into the wheel casing. Insert the wheel into the white/transparent plastic. Lastly use a hammer to ensure the wheel is completely in.

To assemble the wringer: Slide the wringer into the bucket. The grid side should be facing the inside. (NOTE: The wringer should be placed on the side where the there is a handle on the bucket.)