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Products / Trolleys / Complete trolleys / 12031Y
Price excl. VAT:R 573.91
Price incl. VAT:R 660.00
A 36L yellow hard plastic bucket with a plastic wringer. The 4 wheels makes the trolley easy to move around. This trolley is ideal for industrial use. It is advised to use a fan mop with this trolley.

The trolley is suitable for all applications, but due to its small size provides a sleek appearance that may be used in office buildings where a large trolley would perhaps seem crammed in space.

How to assemble:

To assemble the wheels: Turn the bucket upside down. Use lubrication on the white plastic for easy insertion, then insert the white/ transparent plastic into the wheel casing. Insert the wheel into the white/transparent plastic. Lastly use a hammer to ensure the wheel is completely in.

To assemble the wringer: Slide the wringer into the bucket. The grid side should be facing the inside. (NOTE: The wringer should be placed on the side where the there is a handle on the bucket.)