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Products / Floor cleaning / Machines / 10906
Price excl. VAT:R 3 173.91
Price incl. VAT:R 3 650.00
A plastic blower that can be used to circulate air.

  • Voltage: 220V - 240V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Fan wheel size: 270mm
  • Power: 900W
Air delivery:
  • L-gear: 110m2/min
  • M-gear: 120m2/min
  • H-gear: 160m2/min


The machine is characterized by easy operation, safe use and good drying and ventilation effect. It is especially suitable for guesthouses, hotels, office buildings, exhibition facilities and large public spaces. After cleaning the carpet ground, it can also be used to ventilate and dissipate heat.


  1. This machine is not intended for use by the physically weak, intellectually obtuse or mentally disabled people (including children), unless it is safely used the help or instructions of those who are responsible for their safety.
  2. The children must be supervised t ensure that they do not play with the machine.
  3. Be sure to remove the plug from the socket before cleaning or repairing the machine.
  4. If the power cord is damaged or loose, it must be replaced by the SEMCA.
  5. Remove the power plug after stopping the machine.
  6. Using the power supply which matches the voltage and frequency of the machine.
  7. Once the machine is damaged, please do not repair the machine by yourself or discards= in the trash can, instead notify a professional to ensure no pollution is caused.

Operation methods of the machine

  1. Fan switch is the three-position switch and it's symbols are "O", "L", "M", and "H".
  2. On the red knob gear switch, round point at the "O" position indicates neutral (stop) gear, "L" indicating the first (lower) gear, "M" indicating the second (Medium) gear, and "H" indicating the third (High) gear.
  3. Before turning on the power, check the knob switch round point whether or not points at "O". After confirming, turn on the power and turn the knob switch clockwise. Choose a different gear speed on different occasions.
  4. DO NOT move the fan while running.

Maintenance and Repair

  1. The product cannot resist the water. DO NOT penetrate water and detergent into the machine in order to prevent the electric shock when operating it.
  2. DO NOT disassemble or replace the main auxiliaries of the motor freely. if any abnormal condition is found, please contact SEMCA.


The motor does not rotate.
  1. The power cable is not connected correctly.
  2. Loose power cord with power switch.
  3. The motor is burned.
  1. Check the power wire.
  2. Check the circuit at switch position.
  3. Ask SEMCA or professional's to repair
The motor startup is slow.
  • 20uF Capacitor is damaged.
  • Ask SEMCA or professional's to repair
When starting the machine, there is abnormal sound.
  • Damaged wind wheel and deformed fan shell.
  • Ask SEMCA or professional's to repair