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Price excl. VAT:R 1 565.22
Price incl. VAT:R 1 800.00

The 30L vacuum

The machine operates a single 220V vacuum-motor, available at 46103.

SEMCA Cleaning Equipment stocks parts and spares for this product and have the facilities to repair.

This product comes with a 6 month warranty, limited to the repair of the product and not the replacement thereof. Usage of the machine will also be taken into account.


  • Power: 1200W
  • Voltage: 220-240V
  • Air Flow: 53L/s
  • Noise Level: 75dB

Important Notice

Please read the following carefully. SEMCA takes no responsibility to any damage due to machine not operated according to this manual.
SEMCA takes no responsibility to any damage due to modifications, disassemble or due to other uses not prescribed in this manual.
This manual provides important instructions on product operation.
SEMCA reserves the right to update and revise it.
If there are some deference, the actual product shall prevail.

  1. DO NOT put the suction inlet towards ears, eyes, mouth, nose, reproductive organs, or other vulnerable body parts due to machine high suction capacity.
  2. DO NOT direct suction inlet towards a baby or animal in the process of operation the machine.
  3. The machine has no function of anti-explosion. Keep it away from gasoline, gunpowder, alcohol and inflammable, explosion-prone

User Instructions

  1. Make sure that the power supply in the building is identical to the voltage plate on the machine.
  2. Connect the tube and vacuum hose properly: the long connector join with the metal tube. The short connector join with the tank connector, choose the suitable floor nozzle to connect with the other side of the metal tube.
  3. Put the cable behind the tank connector of the machine when in use.
  4. The dust bag must be installed properly before vacuuming dust.
  5. Take out the dust bag and everything else before vacuuming water.
  6. Always keep the machine clean.
  7. This appliance does not intend to be operated by weak, dull, or psychotic individuals unless they are under correct directions or assistance from ones with responsible for their safety.
  8. Children should be supervised strictly to ensure they always keep away from this appliance.
  9. This machine is suitable for hotel, office and warehouses.

Safety Rules and Cautions

  1. Pull out the plug before cleaning or maintenance.
  2. Check the cable carefully to ensure the cable is in good conditions before using.
  3. If the cable is broken or there is something wrong with other parts, then they must be replaced or fixed by the service department or similar professional in order to avoide bad aftermath.
  4. Wash the dust bag with warm water and cleanser and dry before use.
    DO NOT USE with wet bag.
  5. Replace the dust bag every 6 months. Clean and dry after each use.
  6. This machine is not suitable for picking no hazardous dust.

Maintenance of Motor

The carbon brush of the motor must be checked by professional every 3 months.

Malfunction of Motor

  1. The dust bag is too dirty / Clean the dust bag drastically.
  2. There are too much waste in the dust bag or in the machine / take out all the waste.
  3. The suction hose or the tank connector was jammed / Clear out the jam


  • There are stainless steel tank and resistant sour and alkali plastic tank. Both are durable.
  • The machine can vacuum dust and water. The suction power is huge.
  • All the suction hoses and accessories made of high quality material so they are durable.
  • The special design make changing the floor nozzle easy.