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The K353 is an unmatched machine in the carpet cleaning industry.

The difference between this machine and the K352 is that the K353 has more powerful vacummotors built in for superior suction power.

The machine itself has 2 vacuummotors that may be switched on individually depending on the requirement for suction power.

Furthermore the machine also has a water pump that is used for pumping water from the machine to the tools that will be used by the operator.

The machine comes with accessories as well. Among this is:
  • 1 × Floortool
  • 1 × Handtool
  • 2 × Lids
It is recommended to use the SEMCA Low Foam Powder with the machine as it is a tried and tested product for cleaning and also does not create a lot of foam, which is desirable for carpet cleaning.

The instructions for use is to dilute 125g of powder(half a teacup) to 20 liters of water in a bucket. It is important to add the water first and then mix in the powder to prevent lumps which could block the filter of the machine.

The water must then be poured into the machine's clean water tank that is located at the rear-end of the machine, it is identified by the large rectangular opening with a filter at the bottom.

After the water has been poured the operator may choose to use the Floor- or Handtool. The suction hose may be connected down the bottom of the front-end of the machine, and the other end may be connected to the brass-fitting on the tool to be used.

The suction hose cuff should be pushed over the grey opening at the top of the front of the machine, and the other end should be pushed over the back-opening of the tool to be used.

SEMCA Cleaning Equipment stocks parts and spares for this product and have the facilities to repair.

This product comes with a 6 month warranty, limited to the repair of the product and not the replacement thereof. Usage of the machine will also be taken into account.